[TRAVEL] Prague Trough my Lens

Back in 2014, I was traveling to Europe for a month. My first destination is Berlin, I was staying in Berlin for a week and then I traveled to Prague, in Czech Republic.

My trip to Prague is a short trip, I only stayed for a night. I really didn’t have a chance to visit every tourist spot in Prague, but I managed to visit Charles Bridge and took a stroll around the city, and turns out Prague is a beautiful city, somehow the city vibe is romantic. And makes me longing for another visit.

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Charles Bridge
I took this enroute to Charles Bridge
Strolling around the city

I’m still lacking, a lot, in photography skill and I feel like I still need a lot of practice to  create a good photograph. But well, I always like taking photograph because for  me its a reminder, it reminds me of good times and even the bad ones.

And also, its a way for me to express my feelings, expressing my perspectives.

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at the corner of the streets

I like taking photos of architectures/buildings, and also food!

I believe that there’s always a story behind everything, behind the tall buildings around the city, behind the old buildings around the city, behind people who sits and read a book by the river, there’s a story behind everything; behind everyone. A photograph always tell a story, maybe for me taking a photograph of buildings is how I appreciate the story behind the buildings; how it built, how they design it, and how people makes a living out of it.

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from across the river

Prague is a beautiful city, indeed. I fell in love with the city the moment I got off from the train. My only struggle in Prague is that everyone is barely speak English, duh. Probably I’d have to learn to speak their language before I visit Prague again in the future to make my journey more easier, soon I hope.

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the street.

My photography skills is lacking, as I said. But photos above, is my perspectives and memories of Prague. Its an old photos, and qualified as a throwback post, but I just started a blog and I really want to share this.


From Prague with Love,




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