[REVIEW] Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow – Shade #04 Dark Brown

Hi guys! today, I’m going to review a products coming from (another Korean brand) Witch’s Pouch. The products I’m going to review is an eyebrow pencil! yay everybody’s favorite! eyebrow pencil! (or not everybody’s favorite? hm but it’s my favorite item, duh)

This product called “Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow”, its an automatic eyebrow pencil that claimed to be waterproof! tbh, when I read that this eyebrow pencil is waterproof I’m so  excited cause I’ve been looking for an eyebrow pencil that is waterproof. I even tried the expensive Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil that claimed to be waterproof ONLY to found out that IT DIDN’T:(

Okay, so I bought this baby a few weeks ago from althea to see if their claims is really true or nah. Well here it is.


Product Description


Just like the other automatic brow pencil, Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow comes with a spoolie at the other side of the pencil. The pencil itself comes in an oval shaped type which is kinda different with the other brow pencil I’ve tried before, but I guess its fine and its working well so there’s nothing wrong with this oval shaped type pencil.



the whole packaging


back side


the oval shaped pencil


Spoolie – the material is not too hard nor too soft

The packaging is fine, I guess. Its color is black-ish and comes in a matte material, the only thing that I didn’t like is that if my hand is dirty (e.g I just used my finger to apply a BB cream) the BB cream will somehow left its trace in the packaging, duh. I guess because the color is matte black?

BUT! forget about the packaging, let’s talk about the pencil performance. In my opinion, this eyebrow pencil is definitely worth a try if you’re still looking for a perfect brow pencil. The color is pretty pigmented when applied, its not too dark nor too light, for me it has the perfect color.

Anyway it has 4 shades:



Shade #04 – Dark Brown

I bought this eyebrow pencil in shade dark brown, and I liked this color. When I apply it to my brows the result is kinda soft, not too bold and not smudging. It might smudge, a bit in some part, but simply use the spoolie to brush the smudge away and it will solve your problem. Its perfect for your everyday look and if you liked a natural brows look I guess you’ll love it. And anyway, I tried the waterproof  test, and its actually waterproof!


I tried to wash it down


I tried to wipe the color but it stayed

So yeah they’re not lying about the waterproof-thingy. And another good thing I haven’t tell you is this eyebrow pencil comes with a refill! so yeah, don’t worry if your pencil is running out, you still have this for another month before you have to buy another package.


the refill

I think Witch’s Pouch is pretty generous and treat us well for including a refill in the package, because yeah it will save us, the buyer, a lot of money. This brow pencil is pretty cheap compared to other products, it only cost Rp. 45000 (or around $4 I guess) and we got the whole eyebrow pencil along with its refill, I guess its really cheap. Anyway, I bought it in Althea (because althea is currently my favorite online shopping resource lol).

Overall, for me this brow pencil is really worth it. For only Rp. 45000 I already got a refill for me to save for another month. The pigmentation is fine, and when applied the color is not too bold, kinda soft, and I really liked it. And, this brow pencil is definitely on my favorite eyebrow pencil list along with the other brow products (I’ll tell you later about the list, probably). One thing that make this better than eyebrow pencil those eyebrow pencil I’ve tried before is that because its waterproof! other brows pencil I’ve tried that claimed to be waterproof is mostly lying, in my experience, duh. And I’ve tried wearing this for like 12 hour and it stayed, it probably need a touch up a bit but it stayed! just like how I draw it in the morning. So, if you’re still looking for a perfect brow pencil you have to try this!

Anyway, what’s your favorite brow products? and why? share your thoughts on the comment section below!:)

Hope you enjoy this review!




Published by Salsa Wigati

A humanitarian worker at heart, an amateur baker. I drink coffee too much and probably own too many skincare products.

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow – Shade #04 Dark Brown

  1. I have this eyebrow pencil too in the shade Gray Brown.

    I totally agree about everything you wrote here. It is so impressive when it comes to the waterproof claims and it also comes with a refill. So cool! It’s like having two for the price of one.

    Thanks for sharing this review! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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