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Today, I’m going to review a moisturizer that I’ve been using for (I guess) around 6 or 7 months, coming from an American skin care brand. The product that I’m going to review today is Khiel’s Blue Herbal Mosturizer.

Khiel’s Blue Herbal Mosturizer is a gel-type moisturizer that is suitable for oily to acne-prone skin which has a function to prevent acne, clear blemished and acne scars, has a additional balancing effect that allows the formula to mattify skin, reduce the appearance of pores and leave the skin with matte; hydrated skin.

The Packaging

Front side
back side

As seen above, the packaging is pretty simple, coming in a white-colored plastic tube covered with product description. Yes, both the front side and back side is actually full with their product description, directions on how to apply the products, and their ingredients. 1 tube contains 100ml and for me its reaaaaaalllyyyy a lot of products, as this is actually my first tube of this moisturizer and I bought this around 6 or 7 months ago. It actually last for around half a year, and well mine is running out soon and probably I’d have to buy a new one next month.

The Ingredients


The first ingredients on the list is water, so I guess this products contains a lot of water. The product itself claim that this is an oil-free moisturizer, which is a very suitable for those who has an oily skin type like me, duh. And as seen above this moisturizer contains a lot of plant extract as this product name is a herbal moisturizer so yes it contains a lot of herbal extract.


the moisturizer has a gel texture

I’ve been using this moisturizer for 6 or 7 month (I really cant recall but its around half a year) and I’m impressed with its performance. It really does what it claimed. I have a really oily skin and since I’ve been using this moisturizer my skin has became less oily. My skin is still producing oil around my T-zone but not as much as before I used this product. I really don’t have a terrible problem with acne but I do have an acne sometimes especially during my periods, so I didn’t really know if this products is actually helping any acne problem or not. In my case, I still got one or two acnes in my face during my periods time, but I guess its the hormon? well, this product didn’t cause me a breakouts so yeah its good.

This moisturizer is easily absorbed, I apply this with the dab-ing (or pat? idk what to call it but I guess you know?) methods (because those Korean beauty guru has been telling us that its better to apply your skin care in dab-ing (or pat) methods than applying it in circular motions), and anyway it does leaves a matte finish and make my skin feel hydrated which I think is a good thing because an oily skin also needs a hydration. It doesn’t have a strong smell and does reduce the appearance of pores (not too significant tho).


So, to conclude, this products is actually doing what it claimed and works well for me. I really like this moisturizer texture and the fact that it doesn’t has a strong smell and absorbed quickly. It really saves me a lot of money, I got it for around $43 (Rp. 435.000) and it lasts for around half year (I use this daily, AM and PM as this moisturizer can be used in PM especially when you have a terrible acne problem). I bought this in Khiel’s physical store, and I guess they’re available too in their website. I always liked Khiel’s product, I’ve been using their mask and mineral sunscreen (I’d probably gonna review these later) and it also works well for me (also I love the fact that Khiel’s is pretty generous in giving free samples and travel sizes). And yes, Khiel’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer is my holy grail skincare products and I definitely gonna repurchase this.

So, yeah this moisturizer is GOOD.

Rating: 9.5/10

Ps: I currently looking for essence that is hydrating but also suitable for oily skin type (because I just found out that my skin type is actually a dehydrated-oily skin:( duh), do you guys have any recommendation? If you do please leave it on comment section below or feel free contact me through my email!

Thank you for reading!



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