5 Best Sheet Mask to Hydrate and Tackle Your Skin Trouble [+Quick Review]

Itssss Sundaaaaaayyyyyyy! time to pamper my skin and read a good books~

And guys, recently I have a new obsession/life goals, that is to try every sheet mask that’s available on the market *evil laugh* but seriously, sheet mask is basically your life saviour everytime you need a quick hydration, or want to take care of your troubled skin, or even brighten your skin. And all you need is a 20 minutes of relaxing night featuring your favourite sheet mask, and violaaaa you’ll wake up with a better skin~~~~ moreover, sheet mask is supeerrrrr cheap and you can find it basically anywhere. But finding a suitable sheet mask for your liking is a bit hard right? So, today I’m going to share with you guys my version of 5 best sheet mask that I’ve tried, including a quick review of each product!

2017-10-14 03.03.56 3.jpg

I’m basically obsessed with sheet mask, its an essential part of my skincare routine that I would never neglect in my life. I’ve tried several korean sheet mask, which some work for me and some don’t. I use sheet mask 2-3 times a week as my night skincare routine, I usually decide which variant I’m going to use based on my skin condition that day. Anyway, lets get the countdown started!

5. The Face Shop – Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

A mask sheet that has a sebum control function is kinda rare, and face shop has them in their clean face line. This sheet mask is suitable for those who has a combination/oily skin-type, beside of its sebum control function, this sheet mask also can treat an acne or troubled skin. I’ve used this several time, and it does has a great sebum control as when I woke up in the morning I had less oily face and my acne is less “mad”. I no longer have this sheet mask and I cannot find this sheet mask ingredients anywhere so I can’t tell you guys what’s in this sheet mask ingredients. But fair warning for those who has sensitive skin, this ets get in touch! Share your thought on comments bellow and follow me on instagram @saaaaal_sheet mask contains fragrance.

Price: Rp. 25.000 ($2)

4. Dear Klairs – Rich Moist Soothing Mask

This sheet mask is really great for skin hydration as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid in its ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is number two on its ingredient list, meaning that this sheet mask contain a lotsss of it. I think this sheet mask will be perfect for you to use if you just spent your days under the sun and your skin feels burned or something, as this sheet mask will soothes your skin immediately and also calm your skin. This sheet mask is alcohol free and fragrance free so if you have a sensitive skin, this sheet mask will be perfect for you. I think the only downside of this sheet mask is the sheet is a too thick for me, I prefer a thin and weightless sheet for a sheet mask because it is more comfortable for me.

Price: Rp. 22.000 – 24.000 ($1.99 – $2.5)

3. Lebaton – Pearl Whitening Essence Mask

This sheet mask is super cheap and super good! I rarely find a sheet mask that fit well in my face, and this sheet mask is just fit really well! its not too wide neither too small for my face. Lebaton isn’t as famous as other k-brand in Indonesia, and I really can’t find any online shop in my country that sell any products from Lebaton. Lebaton’s sheet mask has 3 variant, hydrating, whitening, and soothing. I’ve tried the whitening and hydrating sheet, both works really well. They had a thin sheet, and the essence is easily absorbed. It doesn’t leave a sticky finish and doesn’t cause any breakouts. The whitening one does makes my skin brighter when I woke up in the morning. However, this sheet mask contains fragrance, so if your skin and fragrance doesn’t get along really well you might want to avoid this sheet mask.

Price: Rp. 11.000 ($1)

2. Etude House – 0.2 THERAPY AIR MASK

I’m totally in love with this sheet mask!! the sheet is super duper thin that sometime it scared me that I will rip it off when I tried to open the sheets HAHA. Anyway, this sheet mask has 12 variant and my favourite is hyaluronic acid. I have a dehydrated oily skin so my skin need a constant hydration, and this sheet mask is amazing it contains a lot of essence and it absorbed easily. Also, it didn’t cause me a breakouts. However, this sheet mask contains an alcohol. I was a bit shocked at first because I thought like “why does a hydrating mask contains a drying ingredients?!” but after I did a little research it turned out that alcohol in sheet mask isn’t the bad guy, it actually help the other ingredients to penetrate into skin more effectively and stabilized the other ingredients. But if you do have a sensitive skin, well, you know what to do.

Price: Rp. 15.000 ($1.30)

1. Innisfree – It’s Real Squeeze Mask

The reason why this sheet mask is on my featured image because this sheet mask is my favourite. It has 13 variant, my favourite is rice, bija, and bamboo. The sheet is not too thick neither too thin, its still fine to my liking. It contains a lotttt of essence, you might need to work a bit to make sure the essence is well absorbed, but even if you just leave it to absorbed by itself it doesn’t leave you a sticky finish. It also hydrate my skin really well, the bija variant caught my attention the most because it took care of my blemishes, right after I use this sheet mask my acne is calmed down and no longer has a super red color. Another warning for people who has sensitive skin, this mask sheet contains alcohol and fragrance~

Price: Rp. 14.000 ($1.20)

I have a little tips, when you use a sheet mask don’t throw away the essence inside the package. Use the remaining essence for your neck (and I usually rub it into my hands too) because your neck also need some loving~

I know most of my sheet mask recommendation is ain’t a sensitive skin friendly, sorry. Maybe I’ll write a sheet mask recommendation for sensitive skin later.

Aaaaanddd that’s it for today! Its Sunday, so I hope you guys have a beautiful, relaxing Sunday! Don’t forget to pamper and treat yourself because you’ve made it to Sunday and you deserve it.

Have a good Sunday babes!



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2 thoughts on “5 Best Sheet Mask to Hydrate and Tackle Your Skin Trouble [+Quick Review]

  1. Try Dermal sheet masks off of Amazon! I got 24 for $13 and they have every kind under the sun. The kinds they have are so weird and interesting


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