Skincare Do’s and Don’ts I Learned in 2017.

I gotta say that I made a lot of changes in 2017, I decided to throw away/trying to avoid some things in my personal life, uni life, and even in skincare! HAHA. I actually have been thinking about writing this post for awhile, at first I kinda plan it to be written at the end of this year but then I had a change of mind and decided to write it now, 2 months before 2017 ended. as Time flies so fast, isn’t it?

Back to 2016 (and to those year that have passed), I basically destroying my skin. I use a lot of drying products to take care of my oily skin and I exfoliate way too much, in another word, I basically irritate and destroying my skin natural lipid barrier and making my skin problem worse, can relate?

In 2017, I started to learn more about skincare, about the ingredients that’s bad for my skin, and even the cause of my oily skin. Thanks to all of the beauty blogger out there that’s sooo informative that it made me learned something, especially Liah Yoo who’s literally inspired me a lot. So, as I learned some thing, I made my self my skincare rule, my do’s and don’ts.


Let’s start with don’ts!

  1. Product that contains alcohol – I have an oily skin, so I (used to) look for a product that can mattify my skin. So I use toner that contain alcohol, and use any other product that can make my skin look matte. Most of them contain alcohol. This is totally a bad move (and how stupid I am to learned this only this year after all those years) because alcohol will dries out your skin. In short term, it will make your skin matte and feels like its oil free. But in long term, it will only make your oily skin problem worse! Oily skin mainly caused by lack of moisture inside your skin, to compensate that your skin produce more oil to balance it. So if you use a product such as alcohol that can dries out your skin, it will not regulate the sebum production, rather it will produce more sebum = your skin get oilier.
  2. Facial wash that gave us a squeaky feeling – some people actually like the tight and squeaky feeling after they washed their face, but this is actually a bad news for your skin. Just like alcohol, a facial wash that gave you a squeaky and tight feeling mostly contain a Sodium lauryl sulfate that can strip our skin natural oil, meaning it will cause your skin to produce more oil = oily skin problem getting worse. It also can irritate your skin, so its best to avoid this. Period.
  3. Physical exfoliator – I was a big fan of physical exfoliator. But I ditched this thing in 2017, because eventhough physical exfoliator does a great job in removing dead skin cells in our skin, at the same time it destroy our skin lipid barrier. Thus, if your skin lipid barrier is damaged, your skin will get irritated, became more sensitive, and even become dehydrated. Physical exfoliator is basically like our ex, they has its benefit but they are not good for us and will damage us, so byebye physical exfoliator!
  4. Not using sunscreen – The cause of not using sunscreen will come to you not now, but in 10 years ahead. My mother experience this, she never used a sunscreen before she’s in her 30s and now she is experiencing a hyper-pigmentation that she tried so hard to get rid of. So, its better to avoid any form of skin aging by using a sunscreen, and your skin in your 30s will thank you for this!
  5. Pore strips – As I have an oily skin, I also have a problem with enlarged pores and blackhead. I was a constant user and a big fan of pore strip. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing your pore strips pull out those gunks? its so satisfying right? But the satisfaction we got came with a price. I actually have talked about this on my previous post, and the thing is pore strip basically just took the upper layer of your blackhead and leave the rest inside your pores to form another blackhead in a few days. So, pore strips is not solving your blackhead problem, it just give you another skin problem which is irritation. I experienced this my self, the skin around my nose used to be really flaky (and oily at the same time) and super irritated due to using pore strips in my routine. Learn about how I take care of my blackhead problems in here.
  6. Not paying attention to a product ingredients – paying close attention to your product ingredient is important, by doing this you will know exactly what you are using in your skincare routine, and also you will know what’s bad and what’s good for your skin. I know that remembering what ingredient that’s good or bad for your skin will be too bothersome, but its worth it! maybe start with taking notes on what to use and what to avoid.



  1. Chemical exfoliator – basically the dos will be the opposite of don’t, so lets start with this. Chemical exfoliator used to be scary for me, I mean CHEMICAL?!!!! but I finally learned that chemical exfoliator is not scary at all. In fact, chemical exfoliator removes your dead skin cells by triggering skin cell turnover. In my opinion, chemical exfoliator can be less irritating compared to physical exfoliator (as long as you didn’t over exfoliate and use sunscreen afterwards) and prevent micro tears from forming up. I have a several micro-tears around my cheek and under my eye, and since I use a chemical exfoliator 2-3 times a week, it started to fade away.
  2. Hydration – my skincare now is all about hydration. I learned that my skin is oily because my skin is dehydrated as I often experience a tight and dry feeling eventhough my skin produce a lots of oil and I also got a few flaky spot especially around my nose. So I started to hydrate my skin by using a hydrating toner, gentle cleanser, essence, and use sheet-mask 2-3 times a week. And it change my skin!! my sebum production is more regulated, I used to use oil control film at least twice a day and now I barely use it. Thus, its important to keep your skin hydrated, and I think essence play a key role in keeping my skin hydrated because I see my skin changing since I started use essence (I think I know why korean women see essence as the most important skincare).
  3. Sunscreen!! – I already explained above, I just want to remind you that sunscreen is important and its mandatory to use sunscreen, non negotiable. Period.
  4. Use eye cream – just like sunscreen, using an eye cream is more like an investment for your future skin. If you are on your 20s now, you should start including eye cream in your routine to prevent wrinkle or fine lines around your eyes.
  5. Include an active ingredients in your routine – I was not aware about skincare that contain active ingredient before. But I learned that it is necessary to include an active ingredients in your skincare routine, such as chemical exfoliator: BHA, AHA, or PHA that can prevent fine lines and wrinkle (beside doing its main job, exfoliating); or anti-oxidant agent: vitamin E or vitamin C; or my favourite, niacinamide that can regulate sebum production and at the same time brightening your skin. There are lots of active ingredient out there, choose based on your skin need/type.
  6. Listen to your skin needs – this is actually my new mantra to prevent me from buying things that I don’t need HAHA. But yeah, when choosing a skincare you have to “listen” to your skin, listen to what your skin needed.

Well, I don’t have the perfect skin yet, I still got an acne here and there especially when I’m on my periods. But my skin has been improving quite a lot since I change my skincare habits.

Do you have any skincare rules? share with me on the comment box below!

Thank you for reading!



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