[REVIEW] Colourpop – Pressed Powder Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty

Hello! its November already, time files so fast isn’t it? Today I’m going to talk about an affordable highlighter because who doesn’t love a great and affordable makeup? Especially when it comes to a shiny highlighter~ that will give your face a glow so bright like a diamond.

A few months ago, colourpop released a new pressed powder highlighter and bronzer that only cost $8 (or around Rp. 130.000-150.000 in Indonesia). They released 12 shades in total (6 bronzer and 6 highlighter), and today I’m going to review the pressed powder highlighter in shade Here Kitty Kitty. I don’t know why this highlighter isn’t as famous as their super shock highlighter, but I can assure you this highlighter is as amazing as super shock highlighter (or any other high-end highlighter like becca).

2017-11-01 10.50.04 2.jpg

This lovely highlighter came in a compact packaging with a mirror inside, colourpop also sell the refill/pan only option for $7. As I already said in my previous review, I’m not a big fan of any makeup with white packaging as it will easily get dirty, so although the packaging is cute, I kinda dislike it because its white. Anyway, each packaging contain 6.5g (0.23oz) which really a lot, I think its gonna last long since I never finish any of my highlighter anyway HAHA I kept buying a new highlighter almost every month:(

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I got this highlighter in  Here Kitty Kitty which a light champagne-ish shade with a pearlized finish. According to colourpop, this highlighter is a reflective highlighter that gives your skin high-shine with a radiant glow. It contains buttery-soft powders that feel creamy, apply super smoothly, and blend evenly on the skin. And you know what? this highlighter is  super blinding and really pigmented.

Ps: I know the highlighter looks bad, its because I receive it broken:( thanks to the delivery man. I’m so sad because of this:(

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I mean, look at those glow! its super blinding right? Since its a really pigmented highlighter, you’ll only need one swipe to get the glow~ but if you like more then you always can swipe more~ as for me, I usually use two layers of this highlighter to get the glow I want.

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As you can see above, this highlighter has a light champagne colour, but I often experience this highlighter turned into a more white shade when I apply too much. So, my advice is, don’t apply too much. You can apply this highlighter with your finger or with a brush, I personally prefer using brush than using my finger. And since this is  a buttery powder, applying it by using your finger will be fine too. For me, both methods give me the same result, I see no differences, both are really pigmented and blinding~

Here Kitty Kitty is really perfect for your everyday makeup, it give you a luminous glow, blend well into your skin, and definitely elevate your makeup look. And if you love a blinding highlighter and haven’t try this one yet, you should definitely try this! its really affordable and you know.. this is just really worth it. I might even say this highlighter is better and more blinding than The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer which 3 times more expensive than this highlighter.

So right now, what you have to do is go to colourpop website and go buy this *wink*

ps: no, this review isn’t sponsored, I bought this highlighter myself.

Anyway, what’s your favourite highlighter? Share with me on the comment box bellow!

See ya!






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