Being Foundation Free+My Current Makeup Routine

Hi guys! Its 2018 so I guess I should wish you guys a happy new year! I wish 2018 is a better and wonderful year for all of us. I ain’t gonna post a new-year-new-me bullshit or new year resolution in here, but I am gonna share with you guys my current foundation free makeup routine.

I rarely post about makeup here because I am more like a skincare first makeup second kind of person so I prefer writing an article about skincare than makeup, but now I  post a makeup themed article because I want to share with you guys a little story about my foundation-free journey-ish.

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Okay, so I decided to go foundation-free 4 months ago. My main reason of being foundation free is I’m trying to save some time, because I spent 1,5 to 2 hours to get ready in the morning so maybe by opting out the base step I can save a little bit of my time to eat my breakfast. And also because, I always find my nose clogged up and looked flaky everytime I use a bb cream or foundation, I’m tired of it and my nose is better without foundation. Less clogged pores, less cakey face.  The other reason might sound cliche, because my reason is I want to try to accept myself more, appreciate myself for what I am. At that time I thought maybe, going foundation free might be a great start. I am one of those people that (used to) see foundation or bb cream as something that I have to use everytime I go out, so I almost never go out without foundation or at least a bb cream.

I am actually inspired by Liah Yoo’s #foundationfreesunday which is a hashtag that’s (I think) created by her and since then a lot of people starting to post a snapgram or photos of them being foundation free on Sunday. Well, I opt for being foundation free everyday because I think being foundation free everyday won’t do me any bad.

So, four months ago I stopped wearing foundation in my everyday makeup routine. However, I still use foundation in an important occasion where I need to be look my best and presentable, I sometime also still use a concealer for my under eye because there are those days where my dark circle is so bad that I want to cry.

My go-to makeup routine

  1. Primer
  2. Loose powder
  3. Brows!!
  4. Mascara
  5. Cheek! (blush+highlighter)
  6. Lippies
  7. Concealer (optional)

Being foundation free doesn’t mean you have to be makeup free. As for myself I still use my makeup products other than foundation. These 6 is the makeup product that I use on my everyday makeup routine. I don’t want to look dull or tired so I use a blush and highlighter to make my face look fresher.

My current makeup look is more dewy than matte, I no longer like a matte face because I think I look better with a dewy look. It makes me look so fresh. So I use highlighter, here and there, and basically everywhere. Because there’s no such thing as too much highlighter.

I don’t like doing eye makeup with an eyeshadow and eyeliner, for me its just too much. On my daily makeup, I apply a lipbalm from kiehl’s onto my lids to give it a fresh look and because I aim for that glow, and then a mascara for my lashes.

this is how I looked like with my foundation-free makeup routine and without any filter too, just sayin’.


How to start being foundation-free?

For starters, if you are too committed to foundation; a full coverage foundie; and too scared to go foundation free, you could start with a light coverage foundation first  to only use a concealer in certain spot to use no foundation or concealer at all. I’d say that deciding to be foundation free is hard, its easier being said than done. But hey, maybe it would make you learn to love and appreciate yourself more!*

Next step, is invest in skincare! Start taking care of your skin more, pay more attention to it, listen to your condition. If your problem is pigmentation or acne scars, focus on treating it by using serum that contains an active ingredient such as vitamin c, alpha arbutin, or start using an AHA based product. What I’m saying is, start taking care of your skin problem by trying to repair it by using skincare. It might take a little while, but it will be worth it.

Oh and don’t forget to  wear sunscreen!!!

*but maybe if you like using full makeup and you prefer to use a high coverage here and there, it doesn’t matter. If that’s make you happy then you should do it! but still, don’t forget to take care of your skin and wear sunscreen!

My foundation free makeup tips

  1. Use primer! When you are foundation free it means that you don’t have any base for your other makeup products to stick on. And in this case, for me primer can be foundation “substitute”. I found my blush, highlighter, and concealer stay on my face longer when I use a primer compared to when I don’t use primer.
  2. Use blush! It makes your skin look fresh. I actually don’t like using a heavy blush (or too much blush), so I usually only use a little amount of blush on the apple of my cheek to lighten up my face. I currently use glossier’s cloud paint which is really great for people like me who like a sheer blush.
  3. Tone up cream. I think tone up cream is not that famous in the western part of the world, right? Tone up cream is kinda famous in korea, and lot of korean brand sell a tone up cream. Basically tone up cream is a cream that can instantly brighten your skin, it won’t give you any coverage but if your skin look dull, a tone up cream will help! I personally don’t use a tone up cream because my sun cream (which is Klairs – Midday Blue Sun Lotion) is a sun cream – tone up cream hybrid, meaning beside working as a sunscreen it also toned up my skin (brighten my skin instantly). Brands like huxley, innisfree, etude house, laneige, natural pacific, has their own tone up cream. I can’t give you a recommendation because I never use one, sorry.
  4. Do your brows. Please, trim your brows, fill your brows, or use a brow gel. Because brows matters guys. I swear a good brows will give you a good day.
  5. Use sunscreen. Period.

Well, that’s it for today! What about you have you ever tried going foundation free? or is your makeup routine is foundation free? Share with me on the comment box below!

Once again, happy new year!



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