#browsonabudget: Brow Pencil Under $4 (Review + Comparison of Innisfree – Auto Eyebrow Pencil & Etude House – Drawing Eyebrow)

Hi guys! I’ve been so busy lately with my academic responsibilities but it finally paid off. I did well on my thesis defense last Wednesday! I’m really happy!

I want to write about this article since last month but I haven’t be able to find the time, until now, I finally can sit down and write an article about this. Just like the title of this post said, I am going to tell you my experience with brow pencil that cost under $4. I’m going to  compare two products, both of them is auto-brow pencil and coming from a korean brand (sorry I haven’t got the chance to try any brow pencil from western brand that cost under $5). I’m going to write a mini review of both products and I’m going to compare them.

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As much as I like benefit’s goof proof brow pencil, I love an affordable brow pencil even more. I mean, why opt for an expensive one when you can get the same result from the cheaper one? I found some brow pencil that cost less than benefit’s or ABH’s and it deserve a good review and worth to be repurchased. I decided to try Etude House’s drawing eyebrow and Innisfree’s auto eyebrow pencil since I cannot repurchase Witch Pouch  eyebrow pencil because I cannot find it anymore in Indonesia.

Anyway, as you can see above, both of them is an auto eyebrow pencil, both of them came with a spoolie. I got the dark brown shade for etude house’s and espresso brown for innisfree, those two are their brown darkest shade (swatches below).

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Innisfree’s auto eyebrow pencil came in a white packaging, which for me its a bit troublesome because it will get dirty easily and I hate it. It weight around 0.3g, in my experience this eyebrow pencil will last for around 1 month if you use it everyday.

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The spoolie is dense, but for me its a little bit too soft. I prefer a more stiff spoolie. But to be honest it doesn’t really matter because I have another spoolie brush, so the spoolie in this brow pencil doesn’t bother me at all.

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Etude’s drawing eyebrow came in a dark brown packaging. Basically the design is the same as innisfree’s (or any other auto-brow pencil, in this matter), in the terms of packaging I’d prefer this since its color is dark brown so it will not easily get dirty.

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The spoolie is more stiffer than innisfree’s, it’s not as dense, and it’s slimmer than innisfree’s. But I like this kind of spoolie.

20180113_155619 (1)

Innisfree’s has a bolder color compared to etude’s. In my opinion both of them has neutral undertone, so it might be suitable for everyone. If you like a more natural looking brow, opt for Etude’s drawing eyebrow since it has a more soft color. If you prefer a bold brow, then opt for innisfree’s auto eyebrow pencil. Neither of them is waterproof nor smudge proof, so its definitely not an option if you’re looking for a waterproof or smudge proof eyebrow pencil. But for the price, it definitely worth it because both of them is really pigmented and last really long, in my experience both of them last for at least 8 hours.

Innisfree’s price: Rp. 36.000 ($3)

Etude’s price: Rp. 30.000 ($2.5)

Well, I think that’s it for today. What’s your favourite eyebrow pencil/products? Share with me about your thought on the comment box below!

See you later!



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3 thoughts on “#browsonabudget: Brow Pencil Under $4 (Review + Comparison of Innisfree – Auto Eyebrow Pencil & Etude House – Drawing Eyebrow)

    1. Hi! You should definitely try those brand🙂 they have a wide range of products that’s worth a try.
      Anyway, I love your review on morphe 25b palette and maybelline super stay foundation! Great photo aswell😍 xx

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