[REVIEW] Your Skin Barrier’s New BFF(s): Krave Beauty – Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser, and Laneige – Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser

Skincare should be simple, effective, and gentle to your skin barrier. At least that three words is my ‘holy guide’ when it comes to choosing and doing skincare routine.

Speaking of skin barrier, I think a lot of people are still not aware about the importance of keeping our skin barrier healthy. What is skin barrier anyway?

Quoting Liah Yoo:
The outermost layer of your skin that has a natural, protective barrier that when healthy keeps it safe from trans-epidermal water loss and potential irritants and allergens from getting into your skin, which can cause a variety of dermatological issues, like acne, dryness, chronic inflammation and overall sensitivity.

Read more about skin barrier on: https://kravebeauty.com/blogs/news/skin-barrier-101

In short, its the first ‘defense’ of your skin.

So how do you maintain it? Obviously by not irritating your skin, with that being said it means you have to avoid harsh ingredients, over-exfoliating, over-washing, and choose your skincare product more wisely by paying attention to what it contains.

For me, the most important thing is to choose your face cleanser wisely. Why? because cleansing your face is like the most important thing to do but face cleanser usually contains harsh ingredients like SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) and its a harsh foaming agent. I’ve tried quite a lot of face cleanser, and I ended up with my two favorite gentle cleanser.

Yepppp, these two. Some of you might have heard good reviews about them, or even better if you guys have tried it. Both are gel cleanser, but they have a lot of differences.

I’ll start with Krave’s Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser. Honestly I’m not a big fan of matcha, so obviously I ain’t bought this because of the ‘matcha’. Its just the ingredients shown is just…… tempting. I used this since last year, and I just love how gentle is this cleanser is. I have a dehydrated-oily skin, so I’d like to avoid having the ‘feeling-tight’ skin right after I wash my face. And no, this cleanser doesn’t dries out my skin.

Let’s talk a bit about the ingredients. The key ingredients in this cleanser is matcha, hemp seed oil, and vitamin B5. Matcha is a major player in anti-oxidant world, while hemp seed oil contains lots of amino acid. I do think this cleanser is a bit extra because I rarely encounter a cleanser that contains anti-oxidant.

Anyway, instead of using SLS as foaming agent, krave beauty use
Coco -betaine, Coco-glucoside, Decyl glucoside which are a gentle cleansing agent that wont strip off your skin barrier. So this cleanser is safe for your skin!

Since its fragrance free, this cleanser has no smell at all. On the texture side, its a bit like a jam (seriously, its fun to play with this cleanser hahaha), it doesn’t generate a lot of bubble/foam but I do think it cleanse my skin very well. But still, its not working on waterproof mascara/makeup, so if you’re using makeup you do still need a 1st cleanser.

Honestly, I was really hyped about this whole ‘fresh calming’ range by Laneige since its the first skincare range that’s targeting people who has oily yet dehydrated skin like me!! I’ve been using this for a month now, and I always loved it.

So the main ingredients in this cleanser is lychee extract (that works on shooting skin and healing skin from irritation) and deep sea water (that can maintain skin’s moisture by strengthening skin’s barrier with a lot of minerals). This cleanser smells like lychee and its so good! Fyi, this cleanser is fragrance free, so if you have a sensitive skin you don’t have to worry!

It doesn’t plays a role in controlling the sebum production (I’m not expecting this anyway), but it doesn’t dries out my skin while being an effective cleanser. My skin feel so soft after I cleanse my face with this. Instead of using SLS, they use lauryl glucoside as the mild cleansing agent. So its really safe for your skin barrier!

So these two are my favorite gentle cleanser. In terms of performance, both are the same. They have the same effectiveness in cleaning my face and both are not making my skin feels like its going to rip out or something because it feels so tight. They do have a different key ingredients and I think both of them are great. If you want a cheaper options, I think cetaphil is worth to try! Cetaphil is like the drug store dupe of glossier’s milky jelly cleanser (that I also really love).

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