[REVIEW] AXIS-Y – Complete No Stress Physical Sunscreen

Disclaimer: The product reviewed in this article is PR gifted, however, it does not affect my opinion in any way. My opinion below is purely based on my experience with the product.

Have you ever wondered if you should wear sunscreen when it’s cloudy outside? Or if you should wear sunscreen when you are staying indoor?

I get asked that question a lot, like a lot. And my answer is always yes, even though it’s raining outside, or even if you’re inside a building with a window where a sunray can go through; you have to wear sunscreen. Why? Because UV rays can penetrate clouds.

So, one of the staple products in my skincare routine is sunscreen, it’s a mandatory product for my morning routine. With that being said, I am a bit picky when it comes to choosing a sunscreen, I prefer a lightweight sunscreen that leaves no white-cast and makes my skin looks dewy. Luckily, right now, a lot of K-beauty brand has really great options for sunscreen so I don’t need to lose my head when I am hunting for a good sunscreen.

Earlier this year, I came across AXIS-Y Complete No Stress Physical Sunscreen. I know that Axis-Y is really famous for their environmentally conscious product, or in their words, climate inspired products, so I am really intrigued to try their product.

Let’s talk a bit about this sunscreen’s ingredients.

This sunscreen is a physical sunscreen, therefore it fully relies on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which honestly I am not a big fan of as it usually leaves a white cast (we will talk more about this later). Other than that, this sunscreen also contains Niacinamide, a couple soothing ingredients like calendula; green tea; and chamomile, squalene, and mugwort. Honestly, I am not too familiar with mugwort but mugwort is a healing agent that can lower down skin’s temperature and help skin’s elasticity and radiance.

Since it’s a physical sunscreen, I don’t really expect this to be a lightweight sunscreen. And as you can see above, the texture of the sunscreen is quite thick and doesn’t really blend easily. I do have to put more work to make sure that the products spread and absorbed properly into my skin. Since I have rather light skin, this product doesn’t leave any white cast on my skin. However, I am not sure how it would turn out on a darker skin tone.

If you are looking for a sunscreen that makes your skin looks dewy afterward, this isn’t it as this sunscreen has a semi-matte finish. But for me, this sunscreen is worth trying and worth to stay in your vanity if you prefer to use physical sunscreen than chemical sunscreen. Apart from its heavy texture, this sunscreen is moisturizing but not too much for my oily skin as my skin stays matte (but moisturized) during the day when I am using this product. The packaging is also an added value for me as it’s easy to travel with and secure enough to not leak. I do recommend this sunscreen for those who have sensitive skin as it’s fragrance-free and as physical sunscreen is less irritating compared to chemical sunscreen. And last but not least, it didn’t cause a break out on my skin!

So, that’s all from me! I hope my review helps you to decide whether this sunscreen is suitable for you or not. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen today! See ya~

The product reviewed above is available through:

Shopee: https://shopee.co.id/axisy.id?categoryId=14840&itemId=7864022751

AXIS-Y Official Website: https://www.axis-y.com

AXIS-Y Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/axisy_official/



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