November Favourites and Empties!

Hi guys! How are you? This post was meant to be written and posted last week but last week have been so hectic and at the same time I’m sick (and still not recovering, in fact its getting worse) so I can’t really spare a time to write a blog post. But you know, aContinue reading “November Favourites and Empties!”

How Chemical Exfoliator (AHA/BHA) Change My Skin

Hi, everyone! How’s your day so far? Rain is pouring down (as always) in my town, the perfect weather to sit and drink your favourite coffee (or tea) while reading. Anyway, let’s talk about one thing that change my skin in 2017. For me, its a chemical exfoliator that I’ve been using since early 2017.Continue reading “How Chemical Exfoliator (AHA/BHA) Change My Skin”

Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination – Dehydrated Skin)

People change their skincare routine when season change. I live in Indonesia and its rainy season now, in my town the weather is currently quite cold, its raining everyday, and the humidity level is quite high. Which means, right now my skin is less dehydrated (my skin is becoming more dehydrated when the weather isContinue reading “Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination – Dehydrated Skin)”

Skincare Do’s and Don’ts I Learned in 2017.

I gotta say that I made a lot of changes in 2017, I decided to throw away/trying to avoid some things in my personal life, uni life, and even in skincare! HAHA. I actually have been thinking about writing this post for awhile, at first I kinda plan it to be written at the endContinue reading “Skincare Do’s and Don’ts I Learned in 2017.”