How Chemical Exfoliator (AHA/BHA) Change My Skin

Hi, everyone! How’s your day so far? Rain is pouring down (as always) in my town, the perfect weather to sit and drink your favourite coffee (or tea) while reading. Anyway, let’s talk about one thing that change my skin in 2017. For me, its a chemical exfoliator that I’ve been using since early 2017.Continue reading “How Chemical Exfoliator (AHA/BHA) Change My Skin”

Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination – Dehydrated Skin)

People change their skincare routine when season change. I live in Indonesia and its rainy season now, in my town the weather is currently quite cold, its raining everyday, and the humidity level is quite high. Which means, right now my skin is less dehydrated (my skin is becoming more dehydrated when the weather isContinue reading “Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination – Dehydrated Skin)”

[REVIEW] Klairs – Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

Klairs is one of my favorite brand, and when I heard they’re releasing a new product I’m so excited! On September they released Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask which is a sleeping mask that can also be used as a day moisturizer. I received this baby 2 weeks ago and been using it as aContinue reading “[REVIEW] Klairs – Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask”

[REVIEW] Colourpop – Pressed Powder Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty

Hello! its November already, time files so fast isn’t it? Today I’m going to talk about an affordable highlighter because who doesn’t love a great and affordable makeup? Especially when it comes to a shiny highlighter~ that will give your face a glow so bright like a diamond. A few months ago, colourpop released aContinue reading “[REVIEW] Colourpop – Pressed Powder Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty”

[REVIEW] The Ordinary – Coverage Foundation in Shade 2.0 N

Foundation is  not something that essential for me since I am more a skincare person rather than makeup person. But when The Ordinary launched a foundation (and since it got so many good reviews) I decided to bought it a few months ago, and today I will be reviewing The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in shadeContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Ordinary – Coverage Foundation in Shade 2.0 N”