[REVIEW] AXIS-Y – Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

Disclaimer: the product reviewed in this post is PR-gifted. However, it does not affect my opinion in anyway, the review below is purely based on my experience. Is ampoule really necessary to be included in your routine or not? If yes, what kind of ampoule should you use? Again, my answer will be “yes, ifContinue reading “[REVIEW] AXIS-Y – Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule”

[REVIEW] Elshéskin – Radiant Skin Serum

Selamat tahun baruuuuu~~~~~ Jujur gue ngerasa cepet banget 2020 berlalu, kaya baru kemaren Januari 2020 tiba-tiba sekarang udah Januari 2021. Shocking. Well, udah rahasia umum kayanya kalo 2020 adalah tahun tersulit buat banyak orang. But here we are, still standing tall! Semoga kita semakin dikuatkan ya ditahun ini, selalu sehat dan selalu bahagia. Okay, enoughContinue reading “[REVIEW] Elshéskin – Radiant Skin Serum”

[REVIEW] Drunk Elephant – C-Firma Day Serum

Hello! How’s everyone doing so far? I hope you guys are doing well, if not – staying sane, in this quarantine szn. So.. I’ve been eyeing drunk elephant product since a long tiiiimeeeee ago, but the price point is too high I am not really feeling like splurging on something that I wasn’t so sureContinue reading “[REVIEW] Drunk Elephant – C-Firma Day Serum”