Skincare Diet: Choosing Between What You Need vs. What You Want

Hi guys, what’s up?

A lot of my friends and family have been asking me about how should they do their skincare routines, are having a complicated routine is necessary, or what kind of products is mandatory for their skin. Well, obviously my answer is there is no ‘one size fits all’ methods or products when it comes to skincare, nor there’s also no mandatory products for your skin. Everything is depend on your skin, does your skin needs it? Or is it just simply because you want the product?

As for myself, lately I’ve been reflecting on myself and my habit a lot. I’ve been trying to ditch things I found unnecessary in my life, change my habit, and try to love myself more. And also, I’ve been trying to do a skincare diet. My skin is getting a lot better now, and I realize that I no longer need some product.

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I used to have this overly complicated routine both in my am and pm routine, I go from cleanser to toner to FTE to essence to serum to face oil to moisturizer to sunscreen, and in my pm routine I use exfoliating toner, sheet masks or wash off mask, and then sleeping mask. I love doing skincare but I get at the point where I feel like I over complicate things, that I got tired of doing too many steps in my skincare routine. So, I set a new rules in my routine (I know this year I probably had too many changes in my skincare routine rules, but if its for the better its alright, right?)

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5 Main Skincare Products in My Routine.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Essence
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen

These 5 are the main player in my skincare routine (opt out sunscreen in the pm routine), I only focus on hydrating my skin because for me, by hydrating my skin, my other skin problem (excessive sebum production and dehydration) is taken care of. I usually skip cleansing in the morning, I just use a lukewarm water to wash my face in the morning. However, in my pm routine double cleanse is mandatory, especially when I use a heavy makeup.

What about the rest?

I still use serum, exfoliating toner, sleeping mask, or any kind of masks when I feel like my skin needs it. For example, when I feel like my skin is starting to produce too much sebum, I would add niacinamide into my skincare routine. Or when my skin starting look dull and flaky skin is appearing, I use an exfoliating toner then followed  by a hydrating sleeping mask in my pm routine.

The thing is, I only use the products (other than my 5 main products) when my skin needs it. Because I believe that our skin has its natural ability to do what those product doing. Those serum, exfoliating toner, or masks are only here to help our skin doing its job when our skin ability is starting to ‘slow down’.

What are my skincare diet tips?

  1. Know what your skin wants vs. what your skin needs. When you are buying a product, ask yourself, do I want it or do I need it? Look at your skin condition, do you need that serum or do you just simply want it because everyone use it?
  2. If you are using an active ingredients, use one at a time. This is my ground rules in using active ingredients. Why one at a time? because when you use an active ingredients, it makes your skin works more than it should be. Meaning, when you use more than one actives (e.g retinoid+niacinamide+vitamin c) it would overwork your skin and probably prevent your skin in doing their job.
  3. Focus on what your skin needs. For example, if your skin need hydration then focus on using product that will hydrate your skin. Or if your main concern is acne, then focus on product that will take care of your acne problem.
  4. Know the ingredients that do works for you and the one that’s don’t. This is actually important for when you choose/buy your skincare.

Well, that’s it. That’s  how I do my skincare diet+tips, I am not an expert in these skincare thingy and the only thing I can advise you is to listen to your skin needs and understand your skin condition. So, I hope you find this article hopeful! Do you have any skincare rules/tips? share with me on the comment box below!

See you in the next post!




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