[REVIEW] AXIS-Y – Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

Disclaimer: the product reviewed in this post is PR-gifted. However, it does not affect my opinion in anyway, the review below is purely based on my experience.

Is ampoule really necessary to be included in your routine or not? If yes, what kind of ampoule should you use?

Again, my answer will be “yes, if your skin need it”. But, today, I will be telling you about an ampoule that you can include in your skincare routine if your skin barrier is compromised.

Another uniquely formulated products from AXIS-Y, Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule. This product caught my attention as artichoke is not a commonly used ingredients in a skincare, thus I got curious.

In short, this ampoule is an artichoke based product that delivers rich antioxidants, nutrients, and hydration to heal damaged, irritated skin barriers. Phytonutrients defend against bacteria and pollutants to prevent future breakouts and irritation. It also can helps in retaining moisture, calms irritations and inflammation, and repairs our skin barrier.

The key player of this ampoule is Artichoke, which can help our skin in retaining moisture and tighten our pores. Besides that, this ampoule have six main ingredients which are centella asiatica, tea tree, sugar cane (AHA), aloe vera, licorice, and okra.

I don’t really use ampoule regularly, I only use ampoule when I feel my skin need that extra moisture. But I have been using this ampoule from time to time in the past couple weeks. I use this after toner and followed by moisturizer and sunscreen (for day time).

Unfortunately, I don’t notice any special benefits from this ampoule on my skin. The moisturizing effect is okay but not good enough when the temperature and the humidity is low. The weather in my town is really cold lately and my skin tends to be drier when it’s cold (I have an oily-dehydrated skin), and when I use this I feel like my skin didn’t get enough moisture even after I use this ampoule.

But to be fair, I think this ampoule will be perfect for summer time. The consistency is really lightweight and it absorbed really quickly, I think this will give your skin the just-enough extra moisture to get through the humid and hot summer day.

So, that’s all from me! I hope my review helps you to decide whether this ampoule is suitable for you or not. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen today! See ya~

The product reviewed above is available through:

Shopee: https://shopee.co.id/axisy.id?categoryId=14840&itemId=7864022751

AXIS-Y Official Website: https://www.axis-y.com

AXIS-Y Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/axisy_official/

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